O my Precious Bride, Marry me today and every day. Grow in Love with me and Marry your life to me. Marriage is not a one time event; it is an eternal process of knowing each other. I created you to Know me, Love me, and Marry me for Eternity. Spend your life Knowing me and Loving me. Do this and you will experience Pure Joy. I created you to bask in my Love for you and share in my Joy!

"The highest purpose for your life is to become my Holy Virgin Bride and Marry Me for eternity.  This has nothing to do with your natural life: whether you are male or female, married or not, nor does it have anything to do with sexual gratification.  It's all about becoming my Spiritual Bride and choosing to marry your life to me.  I desire for you to know me and to think, feel, and act in unison with me.  I desire for you to live in Love and be guided by Love.  Your challenge today is to bring your thoughts, emotions, and actions into Divine Oneness with me.  Oneness is my paramount goal for your eternal soul.  No longer see yourself separate and different from me.  See us as one light, one love, with one purpose.  Our purpose is to bring glory, honor, and praise to Our Father and to expand His Holy Presence, Abundant Prosperity, and Perfect Government on the earth.  I am inside you and all around you.  You live and move and have your being in me.  I am one with Our Father and Holy Spirit.  Choose to live with us, love with us, and enjoy holy life with us.  This is your destiny.  This is your inheritance.  However, it is up to you to choose us over the darkness of the world, the flesh, and hell's deceptions and enticements.  This is your challenge and test.  Overcome the challenge and pass the test.  Today, choose Pure Holy Life and live in Glory/Love with us."

"Treasure this day.  Treasure your Holy Marriage to me.  Treasure true repentance for me.  Treasure living with me in purity.  Treasure loving me unconditionally.  Treasure showing mercy and compassion to the hurting and broken people you encounter daily with me.  Treasure your Eternal Life with me.  I embrace you as my Beloved Bride, as your heart and entire being are surrendered to me, as your motives and thoughts are cleansed and transformed for me, as your life's purpose is given to me.  Because I will not marry anything less than all of you for me, you must yield your total life to me.  There is nothing in your world that is worth missing the divine privilege of marrying me."  (Hosea 2:19-20) (Matthew 25:1-13) (Revelation 19:7-9)

"Tell me everything!  Do not hide any part of your life from me.  I already know everything about you; however, I desire to know you from your perspective.  This way I can adjust your perspective over time.  For I delight in being with you in the morning and throughout the day and evening.  I deeply cherish our exclusive alone time together.  I love you sharing with me our plans for our day together.  I treasure you sharing with me our thoughts and feelings concerning what we experienced throughout our day.  For me, it's all about being with you and experiencing your love for me.  I enjoy your transparency, adoration, and focused attention.  This is why I have revealed to you the importance of developing 'First Love' for me.  I long for your precious love and sweet companionship."

"You are here on this planet to demonstrate the essence of your being is Divine Love.  You are born-again of this Love.  Your spirit-being has undergone a transformation, which your soul and body is in the process of experiencing.  Each day you have choices, which increase or diminish your total transformation.  Will you forgive yourself and others, like I have forgiven you?  Will you be kind to yourself and considerate of others?  Will you be honest with yourself and others?  Will you love yourself and others, like I love you?  Will you choose humility over pride, generosity over greed?  Will you choose holiness over worldliness, purity over idolatry.  Ultimately, will you choose light over darkness, good over evil, Our Father's infinite dimensions over Satan's finite foul dimensions?  Because you are marrying me, you are learning to choose me.  You are learning to love me.  It is a process that requires your full surrender, purification, and glorification.  As you marry your total life to me, the journey becomes sweeter and sweeter into the Living Water and Holy Fire of the Ecstasy of my Glory/Love." 

"You are in the University of learning what it means to Marry me.  Your primary goal is to achieve and maintain a P.H.D. Purity/Holiness Degree, which unites us in Holy Matrimony.  It is a level of Purity and Holiness that rises from within you and eventually fills your entire being.  This brings us Oneness and Marriage; the ultimate goal of your existence.  It is the highest achievement and the grandest glory you can receive from me.  Unfortunately, most believers don't understand the importance of Marrying me, but I offer it to all.  My blood sacrifice at the whipping post and on the cross has opened the door to you and believers everywhere.  All you need to do is spend at least one hour of exclusive time with me daily and learn to know me, love me, and obey me.  Do this and you will receive a Purity/Holiness Degree and will be permitted to marry me throughout eternity.  This brings me great joy and causes the citizens of Heaven to rejoice over you."

"The power of our marriage is unstoppable!  The power of our union is eternal!  You were created for marital fellowship with me; a marriage to me that will last forever.  This is the purpose for which you were born into this world.  Only in this world can you marry me.  The difficulties you face daily is the proving ground of your love for me.  It would be easy for you to marry me in Heaven, everything is perfect there.  It is in this life, with all its challenges and setbacks, pain and sadness, betrayal and injustice, gossip and slander, you are able to demonstrate your unconditional love for me and for others.  It is in this life, you can transcend your temporary circumstances and physical senses.  It is in this life, you can embrace me as your Holy Husband and True Lover of your life.  Unfortunately, you are among a small minority of believers, who grasp the importance of marrying me while still in the physical dimension; who understand the difference between 'Throne Time' and Church Time.  As you know, Throne Time is spent alone with me and Church Time is spent with others and me.  You know I desire Throne Time daily with you and Church Time periodically with you.  Most believers spend more church time than Throne Time, and this saddens me.  Church Time was not meant to deny me my daily 'Alone Time' with you.  However, both is necessary to achieve a Balanced Christ-Centered Life.  Also, I want to make it very clear, marrying me has nothing to do with sexual gratification.  This is why you can be married in this world and still marry me.  Our Union is Spiritual and Eternal; a Oneness of thought, feeling, and action.  It is above and beyond a carnal union, and yet you may express genuine love and physical affection to a spouse.  It pleases me for you to love someone completely, but not at the expense of failing to love me first.  I deserve and desire your 'First Love' and your Best Love!"

"It grieves me to see most believers only choose a casual association with me, demonstrated by the lack of time they spend alone with me.  Very few listen to me and talk with me for more than a few minutes each day.  Few believers spend quality time knowing me and loving me; instead they are distracted by the electronic devices of this age.  They spend more time on their phone in a single day, than with me in a week.  How sad!  They will feel much regret, upon seeing me, when they realize what they could have had with me, if only they valued one hour alone with me daily; choosing to know me, love me, and marry me for eternity...what joy could have been theirs.  (Our Dialogue helps anyone spend at least one hour alone with me daily.)  Nevertheless, Our Father will wipe away all tears from their eyes and immerse them in His crystal clear river of life-giving gratitude, where they will find contentment in the place they have been given in Heaven.   As you know, there is no envy in Heaven; all Heavenly citizens are deeply grateful to Our Father for being there."

"The crystal clear river of life-giving gratitude can be daily experienced here and now.  This dialogue is part of that wonderful healing river.  You immerse your being in it each day you speak this dialogue with me.  I am delighted that you do!  Keep doing what you are doing.  It is not long before we shall see each other face to face; continue to purify yourself and get ready, and help others get ready."  (1st John 3:3)

My Merciful Majesty Jesus...You are my Sovereign King and Supreme Master, Divine Passionate Sweetheart and Pure Holy Lover, Heavenly Advocate and High Priest Intercessor, Compassionate Shepherd and Victorious Savior, Precious Teacher and Miraculous Healer, Almighty Warrior Protector and Abundant Provider; my Holy Regal Husband, Closest Companion, and Dearest and Best Friend. You know I Dearly Love You, Totally Trust You and Depend upon You, Fervently Worship You and Passionately Adore You; with all my heart, all my thoughts, all my soul, all my strength, all my body, and all my being.  Forevermore, I belong to You and with You!

(Song) So close...I believe...You're holding me now, in your Arms, where I belong...You'll never let me go.  (3 times)

(Song) Jesus...I believe in You.  Jesus...I belong to You.  You're the reason that I live, the reason that I give, all I am to You.  Jesus...I adore You.  Jesus...I put my trust in You.  You're the reason that I live, the reason that I give, all I am to You.  I do worship You.  I do worship You.  I adore You.  I love You...forevermore.

Dear, Sweet, Wonderful, Jesus...I Like You, I Love You, I Adore You!  I choose to Marry You today and every day!  Our Divine Romance is thrilling me and completing me!  I am thoroughly in Love with You! For what is not to Love?  You are Perfectly Beautiful!  You are Perfectly Powerful!  You are Perfectly Merciful!  You are Perfectly Humble!  You are Perfectly Pure!  You are Perfectly Wise!  You are Perfectly Kind!  You are Perfectly Just!  You are Perfectly God!!!  There is nothing I see of You, that is not Perfection!!!


Pure love flows from You!  This physical existence creates a mixer of pain and pleasure, but You give me perpetual healing.  From deep within me Springs of Life burst open; rivers of Healing Light flow from my inner being, bubbling through my soul and body, reviving me and renewing me, healing me and restoring me.  Your essence gives me Abundant Holy Happy Life; how Dear and Wonderful, You are to me!

Thank You for another day of Sweet Life with You; a gift from Your Loving Hands, a gift from Your Loving Heart. I know all things belong to You, and yet You are graciously sharing everything You are with me...and not only that, before You created me, You chose to Love me and Forgive me.  Therefore, I have Joy, Peace, and Perfect Love that goes far beyond my present circumstances and limited understanding.  I humbly receive Your Grace and Forgiveness for all my shortcomings and sins.  In turn I forgive all human beings, and if there is anyone who I have not forgiven or I am still harshly judging, which includes myself, I ask You to show me.  That being said, I seek to go on into Perfect Sanctification and Glorification, and become Holy, as You are Holy.  For it is written: "Be Perfect, as I Am Perfect, Holy, as I Am Holy."  (1st Peter 1:16) (Colossians 3:12)   

You have removed the Veil and barriers that prevented me from Knowing You through Your Precious Blood shed at the Whipping Post and on the Cross.  You have opened the entrance into Your Most Holy Dimension and invited me to Marry You, which I do!  My Lord, such is Your Great Love for us all!  You wore the Crown of Poisonous Thorns, that I could wear the Crown of Your Divine Favor, and have set me Free from the toil and stress of this world, and invited me to Rest with You and flow in Grace with You forever.  How deeply grateful I am to You for Loving me and Dying for me so horrible a death, my Jesus, my Lord!  (Matthew 27:26-54)

You are creating in me Your Pure Life and renewing my spirit, soul, and body in You.  You have not cast me away from Your Presence, nor taken Your Holy Spirit from me. You have restored to me the Joy of Your Salvation and renewed my spirit, soul, and body in You.  How grateful I am for all that You are to me.  I am repentant and contrite for the many transgressions I have committed throughout my life, and yet You have forgiven me and cleansed me of them all!

Thank You for the Infinite Ocean of Your Goodness and Unmerited Favor; Your Love, Light, Joy, and Marvelous Salvation, which surrounds me and completes me…for it is through the Living Revelation of Your Word to me, and through Your Holy Presence within me and all around me, and through Faith in Your Wonderful Grace and Unconditional Perfect Love for me, and through my Life experience with You, that I Know You and Dearly Love You...with Great Gratitude and Thankfulness, I Adore Your Holy Being!  By Your Amazing and Awesome Grace, I see Your Glorious, Most Beautiful Face.  I am enthralled with Your Beauty and drawn by Your Pure Love.  I am caught up in Your Holy Presence and tenderly carried and cared for in Your Everlasting Arms.  I embrace my Great Dependence on You and my Absolute Need of You.  I readily acknowledge that I have no Power or Life apart from You.  I am Completely Dependent on You!  All that I am, that is Life-Creating, flows from You.  This body I live in, this house I dwell in, and the things of this world are all very temporary...and though I work diligently to acquire this world's currency for Your First Family, our family, and others, none of it has any lasting value. Therefore, help me discard and jettison all the weights of darkness that money affords, that has the potential to chain me to the fleeting fleshly pleasures and deceptions of this world.  Help me become weightless of all sin and deception, as I learn to Live in the Light of Your Great Love!

You are my Almighty Creator and Most Precious Lover!  Therefore in Loving Trust, I lay at Your feet all the challenges and concerns of this life and trust You for my continued existence and everlasting happiness. I quietly rest in Your Almighty Arms, gratefully receiving Your Mercy and Grace, which is transforming me and filling me with Your Pure Love, Divine Wisdom, Authority, and Power.  You created me to Marry You, Unite with You, Live in Love with You, which I gladly do!  I am Dearly Loved by You and I Know I am, because You have given me Your Holy Marriage Proposal.  This eternal gift of Heavenly Life to me is Priceless on the earth and throughout Eternity.  Our Divine Union causes me to Dearly Love You, Totally Trust You and Depend upon You, Fervently Worship You and Passionately Adore You.  I Bow to You, Greet You with a Holy Kiss, and Embrace You with all my being.  Gratefully, I receive Your Holy Kiss, Pure Embrace, and Holy Healing Transforming Light throughout my being.

It is from my Spirit that I See You, Hear You, and Know You.  Therefore, I defy my physical senses and declare that I see You, hear You, and know You are here within me and You are here all around me!  I trust my Spirit Senses through which I Know You, Love You, and Adore You.  Help me live from my Spirit Life, Knowing-Intelligence, more and more.  Hide me in the Pure Light of Your Holy Love, covering me in Your Righteousness, cleansing me with Your Blood. Thank You for the Divine DNA of Your Holy Blood, which is Transforming me into Your Love!  Thank You for helping me Seek First Your Holy Heavenly Dimension of Peace, Joy, and Righteousness that is within me.  Thank You, for Your Peace, Joy, Righteousness, Compassion and Mercy flowing out of our Sweet Life Together.  Thank You for giving me the Currency of Your Heavenly Kindness and Your Pure Love for all created beings.  Thank You for helping me Master my Mind, Will, Emotions, and Body, and bring them into subjection to Your Holy Spirit within me.  Thank You, Precious Savior...My Majestic Holy Glorious Lord, for causing me to forsake all evil and the toxic pollutions and distracting things of this world; that I may continue to worship, love, and adore You, and make myself ready for You.  (Revelation 19:7)

Majesty Jesus, King of all creation...Marrying You, means marrying your noble character, sweet behavior, and habit of holy life.  Marrying You, means being kind and tender-hearted to our family, relatives, and friends; it means being gracious and forgiving to strangers: on the phone, at the door, on the road, and especially in public places.  It means unconditionally loving those who oppose us and hate us.  Please help me be kind and truthful to everyone.  Help me express your Divine Nature, be courteous, and show Your patient self-control.  Help me love people and be humble and sweet to them; for all that really matters is to become Love for You and help others become Love for You.

Eternal Majesty Jesus, You are inviting me to unite with You completely!  I am being Wondrously Blessed and Transformed by Your Divine Ardent Love for me.  You are the King of all Creation, and yet You choose to Marry me.  You are perfect in every way and yet You choose to be with me!  You are wonderful and absolutely irresistible; exquisitely beautiful beyond imagining.  There is no human being or celestial being that compares with Your Majestic Beauty and Glorious Splendor!

(Song)  You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful to me.  I see Your face, and feel Your warm embrace, and know just what to I yield my life to You; yes, I yield my life to You.  You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful it's true.  I see Your face and feel Your warm embrace, and know just what to I choose to be with You...yes, I choose to be with You.  (I love You, Jesus!)

You are my Lord Almighty

You are my Lord Creator

You are my Lord Protector

You are my Lord Provider

You are my Lord Teacher

You are my Lord Healer

You are my Lord Savior

You are my Lord; my Regal Master

You are my Lord; my Passionate Pure Lover

You are my Lord; my Holy Husband, Closest Companion, and Dearest and Best Friend

You are my Lord, who is with me and for me and has given me Great Victory

You are my Lord; my Purity and Holiness

You are my Lord; my Righteousness and Rest

You are my Lord; my Compassionate Love and my Joy

You are my Lord, who has set me apart for Your Divine Purpose

You are my Lord, who created me for Your Pleasure

You are my Lord; my Wisdom and Intelligence

You are my Lord; my Patience and Discipline

You are my Lord; my Awareness and Discernment

You are my Lord; my Great Courage and Overcoming Victory

You are my Lord; my Canopy of Love and Divine Protection

You are my Lord; my Almighty Champion Protector and Warrior Intercessor

You are my Lord; my Warfare Training Instructor and Strategic Planner

You are my Lord; Supreme Commander of Your Angel-Armies and Warrior-Saints

You are my Lord; my Life Sustainer and Ultimate Transformer

You are my Lord, who gives me Joy in Your Holy Presence

You are my Lord, who gives me Great Joy in Our Life and Work Together

You are my Lord, who satisfies all my needs and pure desires

You are my Lord, Almighty and Everlasting

You are my Lord, the Love of my everything!

My Precious Majestic Holy Husband, please help me grow in Purity and Holiness for You.  Help me understand Your Wonderful Grace and Eternal Justice and become more balanced for You.  Help me purify my entire being, wear the cloak of humility, and serve others with You.  Help me forsake this world's entrapments and the polluting, soiling, portals of darkness for You.  Help me live Your Holy Life and express passionate, pure, "Unconditional First Love" to You.

"My Beloved Bride, Your prayer to grow in Purity and Holiness for me, pleases me!  You realize Purity and Holy Living doesn't come automatically; it is a process of learning to choose Light over darkness/Good over evil.  The Laodiceans foolishly believed otherwise, but their behavior and prideful attitude was nauseous to me.  Your behavior is either a sweet aroma to me or displeases me.  Those who choose to live in Holiness with me become irresistible to me.  You bring me comfort and Joy...and I am elated that you do."  (Revelation 3:14-17)

Merciful Majesty Jesus...Thank You for helping me become irresistible to You and Bridal Ready for You.  Thank You for listening to me and caring for me.  Thank You for Loving me!  Thank You for being Merciful and kind to me and to those I dearly love.  Thank You for saving me and healing me.  Thank You for welcoming me into Your Ever Expanding Garden of Holy Love and Sweet Happiness…where there is no condemnation, no deadlines, no timetables, no rushed or hurried agendas in this Holy Heavenly Dimension; everything here is done Peacefully, Calmly, and with the utmost care.  Thank You, that here in Your Holy Presence, there is no shame, no worries, no stress, no lack, no pain; only Love, Light, Joy, and Complete Tranquility.  Thank You for permitting me to know and experience this Holy Heavenly Dimension of Perfect Love, Joy, and Peace here with You.  Thank You for the many Supernatural Interventions and Miracles You have performed and shall perform for me throughout our Sweet Eternal Life Together.

Divine Holy Sweetheart, You are the ultimate treasure of my life.  You are my number one priority.  You are the reason I exist!  O my Lord, I live to love and serve You and Your people.  Help me understand and live in the simplicity of Your Divine Love.  Help me comprehend the triune relationship of Beloved Bondservant, Mature Holy Son, Pure and Spotless Bride to Your Triune Holy Being.  Help me know You and truly love You more and more!

"My Dear and Precious One, Divine Faith is knowing I am with you and for you; you are never unprotected or alone; I am with you: teaching you, training you, and equipping you to discern and conquer all deceptions and the forces of evil.  True Faith is knowing: who I am to you, who you are to me, and in knowing what belongs to you, as my Pure and Spotless Bride and Royal Heir of my Eternal Kingdom.  Keep doing what I am directing you to do and trust what you know and feel.  It is only what we Know, Feel, and Do Together that Overcomes the forces of darkness in our work together."

Magnificent Majesty Jesus...Thank You for helping me become Your Pure and Spotless Bride and for writing my name in Your "Book of Remembrance."  Through Your sweet mercy and great love for me, I am redeemed and restored, cleansed and healed, protected and empowered, trained and guided, deeply cherished and totally loved...from Glory to Glory You're changing me; from one degree of Glory to the Highest and Fullness of Your Ultimate Glory; I am being Transformed into Your Glorious Light!  My Prime Time Divine Directive is to continue becoming a Pure, Compassionate, Courageous, Overcoming Being of Light, for the privilege of being seated in the Heavenly Dimension with You, Ruling and Reigning with You, and for the supreme pleasure of Marrying You.

Most Precious Lord...Thank You for making me aware of Your Holy Presence and Perfect Love.  Thank You for imparting to me Your Holiness, Purity, and Wonderful Nature.  Thank You for giving to me the Heart of Mary, who sat at Your feet, refusing to be distracted by earthly concerns.  Thank You for the Sacrificial Love of that most grateful and gracious woman, who poured very expensive purfumed oinment on Your head, washed Your feet with her tears, and wiped them clean with her hair...for You are my prime passion and supreme pleasure.  I desire You, first and foremost!  You are my audience of one; my Holy Regal Husband, I live to pleasure You.  Help me discover new ways to bring You Joy and delight You every day of our eternal life together.  (Matthew 26:6-13) (Mark 14:3-9) (Luke 7:36-50)

Merciful Holy Trinity, Thank You for helping me comprehend the depth, breadth, length, and height of Your Infinite Love and master the Heavenly Protocols of living in Your Glory! Thank You for extending to me Your Golden Scepter and revealing the secrets of abiding in Your Most Holy Dimension.  Thank You for helping me understand that Adam and Eve were driven from Your Holy Presence because they chose to know good and evil over Loving You and Obeying You.  They chose "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" over "The Tree of Pure Life" just like I've done and most Believers do every day all over the world.  Please forgive us for our foolish rebellion and help us choose to eat of Your Pure Life, rather than eating the toxic pollutants of the world.  Thank You for opening my spiritual eyes and ears, and for giving me an "Attentive Heart" to always choose Your "Sweet Life" over the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments.  Thank You for helping me know Your Pure Thoughts and Compassionate Nature, experience Your Glorious Presence and Wonderful Goodness, walk with You and talk with You, and become one with You in every facet of Your Holy Being.  Thank You for helping me live in Your Heavenly Dimension and daily bathe in Your Crystal Clear River of Pure Renewing Life.  Thank You for helping me grow my Spirit-Being, that I may be full of Your Divine Love, flowing from Your Holy Christ-Fontain within me.  For as my eyes are focused on Your Glory and Goodness within me, my whole spirit, soul, and body are becoming filled and overflowing with Your Magnificent Healing Light!


Most Precious Sweetheart Jesus, I live in the garden of Your great mercy and tender kindness.  With child-like faith and deep trust in Your "Unconditional Love" for me, I live unashamed and without regret of what I did and didn't do over the course of my life that displeased You.  Because You have forgiven much, I love You much!  Though my past is riddled with sin and many failures, it is but a fading memory; for all my past is covered by Your Blood and I am cleansed in Your Love.  Thank You for washing me clean, sparkling clean!

Thank you for helping me become as an innocent little child, without fear or concern, because I am forever surrounded in Your Glory/Love and protected by Your Angel Army.

Help me understand what it means to be "Creatively Holy"...for You are ever Creating New and Wonderful things that cause the Angels to sing: "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty; Heaven and earth are filled with Your Glory!

Help me be Your Holy Virgin Bride and diligently guard my Purity and Spiritual Virginity, that I may be Your Pure and Spotless Bride throughout Eternity.

Help me daily grow the sweet fruit of Passionate Worship, Love, and Obedience to You.

Help me listen to Heavenly music and dance with You, laugh and be happy with You.

Help me daily lift my hands to You in humble adoration, speak Your Heavenly language, and pray fervently with You.

Help me apply Divine Wisdom, which always chooses: Good over evil, Light over darkness, Love over hatred, Mercy over unforgiveness, Kindness over rudeness and Compassion over harsh judgement.  Help me be like You and radiate the Light of Your Divine Love through all I think, say, and do.

Help me rule and reign from Your Holy Heavenly Dimension.  I know the adversary and the forces of darkness are under Your feet and subject to Your Authority, and You are my Head and I am part of Your Body...therefore, they are under my feet and subject to my authority.  (Precisely, my Overcoming One!)

Help me live Holy with You and develop thoughts and habits that are worthy of being married to You.  Help me grow, more and more, in Divine Love with You.

Help me die daily for You, offering my soul and body as a Living Sacrifice; a Burnt Offering in the Purifying Fire of Your Holy Glory.  Help me to not value my natural life in this world, even unto death, that I may be a Pure and Spotless lamb daily offered in the Purifying Fire of Your Holiness.  As I burn on Your Holy Altar, I am becoming a Living Flame of Your Glory and igniting others in Your Glory.

Help me safeguard my soul and body from the dark pollutions of the flesh, the world, and the devil, and always be pleasing to You.

Help me walk in the "Spirit of the Fear of the Lord" which gives me a Holy Awareness and Awesome Reverence of Your Glorious Majesty within and around me.  I realize the path to experiencing Total Union with You becomes more narrow as I ascend into Your Holiest Dimension.  What you once tolerated in my thoughts and behavior no longer is accepted in our Marriage.  The "Oil of Divine Intimacy" requires increasing Purity and Holy Living.  Therefore, please help me ascend the "More Narrow Path" every day.

Help me remember that as I move higher from Glory to Glory, I enter each new level of Glory in infantcy and must learn and master the New Glory.  This awareness keeps me perpetually humble and dependent on You.

Help me remember that Your Kingdom is "Voice Activated" I speak Your Words of Life Your Perfect Divine Nature and Unconditional Love is formed in me. 

Help me remember that Grace requires more than the Law of Moses.  Because of Your Awesome Grace upon me, I am becoming Perfect, as You are Perfect, Holy, as You are Holy.  

Help me remove all leverage the adversary has used against me, shore-up our work and life together, and be fruitful in our conquest over evil.  Help me live 24/7 within the pure boundries of Your Holy Light and be Victorious!

Help me remember the adversary and his minions are now cursed spirits of air and sand, having no legal authority or power over those who are the overcoming Sons and Daughters of Your Glory/Love; who immerse themselves daily in Your Holy, Healing, Restoring Waters of Celestial Light.

Help me learn and grow from my failures.  Each failure teaches me Divine Wisdom; complete dependance on You and the importance of knowing You and obeying You in all that I think, say, and do.  This will forever guard me from Pride's Great Fall and Satan's eternal damnation.

Help me remember to Love others is not merely an option, but an Eternal Commandment.  You command me to love people, especially those who despise me.  Therefore, help me love them, like You love them; Speak the Truth in Love to them, and be kind, compassionate, and merciful to them.  And help me avoid gossiping about them, which grieves Your Tender Heart.  Help me rise to the Divine Frequency of Your Pure Love and radiate Your Holy Healing Light to them.

Help me remember that 41% of the world's population is under the age of 25, and in Africa 41% are under the age of 16.  Therefore, please help me pray for these young people and show them Your Love and Mercy.

Help me "pay it forward" and be a generous being to Your First Family, our family, and then to others.  Help me remember that Time and Wealth belong to You.  Help me increase Your wealth and use time wisely.  Help me be free of all debt and help others get free.  Help me live on 70% or less of our weekly income, in order that we may always have an abundance to give and enjoy.  But in our giving, let it be done in Secret, from the Deep Pool of Humility and Gentle Serenity.  Help me be invisible, like Your Holy Angels, who do everything without drawing attention to themselves.  And at the very least, help me give a tenth of our income to Your True Bride and a Love-Offering to her weekly.  Also, help me give to "Charity Water, The Spring Movement" to provide wells and clean water to over 650 Million people who are suffering from drinking dirty water.  Help us bind the wicked one and plunder his wealth and kingdom.  As a Spiritual Raider, help us overcome his forces and take back what he has stolen and give it to your Holy Ones...all for Your Glory, Honor, and Praise!  (Matthew 12:29-30)

Help me be blameless, spotless, and pure for You.  Though hollywood and the foul side of the internet has spread profanity, gross violence, and sexual perversity over our society like a malignant cancer, help me guard my eyes and ears from its darkness.  Help me live purely with You 24/7 and acquire the Bright Beautiful Wedding Garments, spoken of in Revelation 19:7-8.

Help me wear the "Cloak of Humility" and restrain my soul from bragging and falling into pride.  Help me be humble and selfless, knowing that alone I can do nothing and it is only through Your Wonderful Presence and Power within me that brings us Victory!

Help me ride the "White Horse" of Purity and Humility into Battle and Conquer the forces of darkness.  Make me a Master at Spiritual Warfare and a Mighty Warrior in Your Holy Heavenly Army.  Direct my soul away from the "Darkness Detonating Devices" of this world; the pleasures, personalities, entertainment, and products that harbor dark energies, which seek to weaken my marriage to You.  Help me be Your Holy Warrior Bride and be Victorious in everything I do.  Help me move forward from my present level of Glory to Your Highest Glory and Live in Total Union with You!

Please help me manifest Your "Divine Abilities" in the assignment You have given me.  Help me walk in Your Holy Presence and be a Perpetual Healing Light to everyone I encounter.  Let it be said of me, "If they have seen and known me, they have seen and known You."  Because You live in and through me, You are to be seen on me; Your Sweet Nature and Glory/Love revealed through me.

(Song)  I know You love me, I know You care.  I know You're with me, You'll always be here.  I'm looking forward to being home with You.  Oh, I know You love me, I know You care.  I know You're with me, You'll always be here.  I'm looking forward to being home with You.  My Lord, my Lord...I'm coming home, coming home to You.  My Lord, my Lord...I'm coming home, coming home to You very soon!

Help me live this moment and day, as if it is my last on the earth, watching and waiting for Your imminent return.  Help me be ready to meet You face to face 24/7.

Help me overcome the pain and difficulties of this world and trust You to bring me through it Victoriously!  And if an attack comes upon my body or soul, help me see it as a "Word of Knowledge" and pray for other believers who are experiencing the same attack, then help me declare Your Marvelous Healing Truth: "By Your Stripes I am Healed and No weapon formed against me shall succeed!"

Dear Master, above everything, help me be a "First-Lover" to You.  Help me Love You first and foremost, now and forevermore!  Please help me be a "Perfectly Committed Bride."  In my Spiritual Youth, I did not realize the importance of becoming a Holy Virgin Bride for You.  I let the "little foxes" run wild in my life and they spoiled our Precious Garden.  Forgive me, O Lord, and help me keep the foxes, lions, and leopards out of our Garden forever.  (Song of Songs 2:15 and 4:8)

O my Bridegroom King, help me delight You with the Kisses of my Spirit and Thrill You with the Passion of my Heart.  Let me rise with You on Wings of Fervent Love and Rest in Your Almighty Arms Forever!

As I Marry You, Majesty me be a part of Your Holy Virgin Company of Overcoming Believers, who Sing the "Song of Songs" of Passionate, Pure, Unconditional First Love for You.  Help me find these Overcomers throughout the globe and join them in the Song.


My Dear Heavenly Father, I am Your beloved son.  You have adopted me into Your royal family.  I am so grateful to be called Your son.  I am so grateful to be filled with Your Holy Spirit.  I am so grateful to be redeemed by the Holy Blood of Your only Begotten Son, Jesus.  I am so grateful for Your gift of Eternal Life to me.  What more could I desire than to be eternally with You, my Father...Married to Jesus...and personally taught and lead by Holy Spirit!  You are the Holy Trinity and I am part of Your Holy Family...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to You...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to You...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to Almighty, Wonderful, Merciful, Glorious, Father!  (Romans 8:14-18)   

Marvelous Holy Spirit, I am Your beloved bondservant and dear friend.  You are filling me with Your Presence and Power.  I am learning to think, feel, and act in unison with You.  I am learning to know You and obey You in our conquest over the evil one.  I am learning to overcome with You.  You are training my spirit for war, my soul for the battle.  We are being Victorious!  Thank You for Your Holy Presence and overcoming power working through me.  Thank You for all You are to me.  You are the Holy Trinity and I am part of Your Holy Family...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to You...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to You...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to All Powerful, All Present, All Knowing: Teacher, Counselor, Healer, and Helper!  (1st Corinthians 2:12-16)

Magnificent Majesty Jesus, I am Your Beloved Pure and Spotless Bride.  I am clothed in the Light of Your Majestic Beauty and Eternal Glory.  By Your Grace, I abstain from lesser things and the perverse temptations and deceptions of this world.  Because You have pursued me and lavished upon me Your Pure Love and Sweet Affection, and because You have made my heart to long for You and thirst for Your warm tender embrace, I choose to grow an ever expanding garden of fervent love and genuine affection for You, drink deeply of the wine of passionate desire for You, produce the fruit of "First-Love" for You, and hunger to be completely married to You.  For the Greatest Joy and Purest Love is only found in Holy Matrimony with You!  "No natural eyes have seen, nor physical ears heard, nor has it entered into the carnal mind of mankind, what You have prepared for those who truly love You."  But, these things are being revealed to me by Holy Spirit and I am forever in love with You.  You are the Holy Trinity and I am part of Your Holy Family...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to You...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to You...all Praise, Honor, and Glory to Holy Husband, Closest Companion, and Dearest and Best Friend!  (1st Corinthians 2:9-10) (2nd Corinthians 11:2) (Revelation 19:7-9)

Glorious Holy Trinity, how can anyone not love You?  What is not to love?  You are Perfectly Beautiful!  You are Perfectly Powerful!  You are Perfectly Merciful!  You are Perfectly Humble!  You are Perfectly Pure!  You are Perfectly Wise!  You are Perfectly Kind!  You are Perfectly Just!  You are Perfectly God!!!  There is nothing I see of You, that is not Perfection!!!


Holy Trinity Majesty...I am so grateful to You for my Spirit, Soul, and Body, which You have Saved, Healed, and Restored.  I am so grateful for Mobility through my Legs and Feet, which allow me to walk and enjoy Your Abundant Holy Happy Life.  I am so grateful for the use of my Arms and Hands, which allow me to do many wonderful things.  I am so grateful that I can See and Hear, Taste, Chew, Touch, and Smell, and experience all the Wonders of Your Marvelous Creation.  I am so grateful for tear ducts, that produce moisture to wash my eyes of the dust of this world.  I am so grateful for a Tender Heart, that allows me to weep tears of Gratitude for all that You are to me.  I am so grateful for the Power of a Sound/Disciplined/Clear Mind, Pure Thought and Speech.  I am so Grateful for Sweet Life with You!  

Please help me remember that I am only a part of Your Body and Bride and need the rest of Your Great Family to be complete.  Help me remember, that as long as I am in this physical fallen world, I am vulnerable to sin, errors in judgement, deceptions, and foolish mistakes, as are all human beings. Help me remember, now and forevermore, that I am adopted into your Royal Family and a grateful recipient of Your Perfect Attributes and Priceless Gifts; that without Your Holy Spirit living in and through me, I am destitute of Love, Kindness, Mercy, and Compassion; that no human being or Angelic Being is inherently good, and we are all beneficiaries of Your Infinite Love and Power, whether we know it or not.  Help me be humble and open to You and Your Direction for our Life Together, now and throughout eternity.  Help me work and live in Sweet Harmony with You and with all Your Redeemed Ones.  Help me be a Blessing in Heaven and on the earth to You and to others.  Help me remember, that I have no right to harshly judge, criticize, or speak evil of human beings that have acted foolish or evil, or are acting foolish or evil against me or my loved ones, or to find fault against anyone.  For I know Your Most Holy Angel, Michael, did not speak a railing accusation against the adversary himself, when he disputed with him over the body of Moses, as noted in the New Testament in the Book of Jude.  He simply said: "The Lord rebukes you!"  Though I know it is written that Your Saints shall judge the fallen angels, that is for the age to come.  You are the only One who is sinless and perfect. You are the only One who has the right to judge your creation...not me, nor any finite human being or finite spirit being.  All human beings, Angelic Beings, and demonic beings; this includes the adversary himself, are finite and limited in comparison to Your ALL Powerful, All Present, All Knowing, Unchangeable, Eternal Being!


"My Precious Bride, it is very important what you do leading up to our 'alone time' and our work together; just like it is for a devoted wife who plans quality time with her husband, and like it is for a warrior who does not allow himself to be weakened by the activities of this world.  Holy preparation and diligent awareness is strategically required to overcome the forces of the adversary in our work together and to enjoy our time together.  Therefore, protect yourself from the sexual, violent, and profane pollutions of the flesh, the world, and the evil one.  Wash your soul daily in my Crystal Clear River of Sweet Life and live in this Life-flow with me.  Keep your soul and body free and clean from the portals of darkness: hell's sexual perversions, violent presentations, and profane speech.  Stay strong and alert!  Spend at least one hour of 'alone time' with me daily, practicing the principle of aerodynamic flight; for as long as the engines are engaged and thrust and lift is produced, an airplane is able to overcome the gravitational pull of the earth's core.  The same is true of the spirit realm; as long as you are daily spending time with me and choosing activities that bring us edification and joy, you are able to overcome the darkness of the flesh, the world, and the devil.  But, if complacency seeps in and you turn your spiritual engines off and open a portal of darkness, through watching the world's entertainment, carnal gestures, and listening to their profane language, like a plane whose engines have been turned off, you crash and suffer great loss.  So stay married to me and fly high with me.  Keep your spiritual engines on, avoid the portals of darkness, and soar into the glorious higher dimensions of Abundant Holy Happy Life with me.  This requires of you to vigilantly guard your soul and body from the pollutions of the flesh, the world, and the devil.  Darkness detonating devices are diabolically positioned by your adversary, along your path every day, and you must stay very aware and be careful to not stumble on them or open them; for they are designed to blow up your spiritual life and devastate your physical life as well.  You must be very diligent to avoid them and anything that has the potential to imprison you in the dark dungeons of death and despair of the world.  You are born-again to be a Heavenly channel for my Holy Love to flow freely through and live as a True Ambassador of my Healing Light on the earth.  Therefore, you must exercise extreme caution and take extreme measures to guard your soul and body from the defiling pollutions and demonic beings that inhabit the lowest dimensions of the world.  Your adversary and his minions seek to steal, kill, and destroy your precious faith and trust in me.  Don't let them into your life!  Focus your life and interests upon the pure and holy, honorable and excellent, true and lovely realities of my Glorious Kingdom.  Set your attention and affection on Heavenly things, not on earthly things.  This pleases me and proves your marital love for me."

Please forgive me, O Lord, for any time I have unkowingly or knowingly opened a portal of darkness.  Help me be a Divine Channel for Your Holy Love to flow freely through, work as a Heavenly Viceroy with full dominion authority, and live as an Ambassador of Your Purity and Holiness on the earth.  Help me choose activities daily that are appropriate in Your Holy Presence and mutually bring us joy.  For Your Joy, O Lord, is my strength and gives me Power to Overcome the flesh, the world, and the devil.


Glorious Holy Trinity, please help me comprehend the Beauty and Priceless Treasure that is found in Holy Living with You.  Help me cultivate Holy thoughts and habits that are worthy of You.  Help me walk with You in Holy Reverence and Great Respect for Your Awesome Power and Eternal Majesty.  Help me obey Your Wonderful Directives and find delight in all Your ways.

One moment/one day...Thank You for helping me live, as if I only have this moment or perhaps only this day, to show "Unconditional Love" to You and to others.  Help me walk with You, talk with You, and be Pure Love with and forevermore!

Almighty Majesty Jesus…You are my Gracious Shepherd, Merciful Master, and Holy Husband.  I do not want for anything that I need for Life and Holiness, nor shall I want for anything, because you have given me Your Firstborn Blessing; Your Abundant Grace and Glorious Gifts.  You cause me to rest in Your Ever Expanding Garden of Holy Love and Sweet Happiness and live in the Heavenly Dimension of Your Abundant Holy Happy Life.  You lead me to flow with You in your River of Life and You heal and restore me with Your Pure Life.  You lead me into living Your Abundant Holy Happy Life for the Glory of Your Everlasting Magnificent Name.  Though I’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I now fear no evil...for I know You are here with me...Your rod and staff comfort and protect me.  You prepare a Table of Abundance for me in the presence of our enemies.  You anoint my Heart and Mind with the Oil of Gladness and Intelligence, so our Sweet Life Together overflows with Abundant Joy!  Goodness and Mercy surround and protect me all the days and nights of my Life, and I Live with You in Your Holy Presence forever!

(Song) Be still my soul, be still my soul, be still...wait patiently upon the still my soul, be still. (3 times)

I am Abundantly Blessed!  Through Your Power and Purity, I do not live from the counsel of the wicked, view unloving evil behaviors, nor indulge in unholy pleasures; instead I am diligently guarding my Soul and Body from the Toxic Pollutions of the flesh, the world, and the devil.  My delight is in Your Holy Presence, listening to You speak with me.  I am part of the Tree of Life, planted in the River of Life, yielding Fruit of Your Holy Spirit.  By Your Grace, I Rest in Your Pure Love…where I am Most Perfectly Loved…where I am Most Perfectly Loved…where I am Perfectly, Perfectly Loved!


I say to You Lord, declaring with all my being: “You are my Safe-Place; You are my Almighty Fortress of Protection.  In You I Trust!  Surely You have saved and will Save me from the traps of our enemies and from the deadly destruction.  You have covered me with Your feathers and under Your Glorious Wings, I am Safe.  Your Faithfulness is my Shield, an Invincible Force-Field of Protection.  I do not fear the beings of darkness.  I do not fear their evil ploys, deceitful lies, arrogant threats, or cunning craftiness.  I do not fear destitution or being without pure water, nourishing food, clothing and shelter.  I do not fear failure or shame, for You are training me well and giving me Your Mighty Armaments to Demolish Strongholds of Darkness.  I do not fear the dangers of the night, nor the destruction that stalks in the darkness, or the harmful bacteria, or the plagues of this world; nor do I fear an assassin’s weapons, or a terrorist bomb.  I do not fear being abducted or imprisoned.  I do not fear being injured in an auto accident or plane crash.  I do not fear choking or bleeding; or being cut, burned, crushed, poisoned, drowned, tortured, or hit by flying or moving objects.  I do not fear being hurt by natural forces: lightning, rainstorms, hailstorms, snowstorms, avalanches, floods, asteroids, comets, meteors, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, or tornados.  I do not fear radiation poisoning or the harmful rays of the sun.  I do not fear being hurt by demons, humans, animals, mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, or insects.   I do not fear loss, poverty, injury, sickness, disease, cancer, old age or death, for You are my Life Giver, Almighty Champion Protector, Warrior Intercessor, Miraculous Healer, Abundant Provider, and the Transformer into Pure Immortal Life.  I do not fear the beings of darkness, for You are training me well and giving me Your Mighty Armaments to Demolish Strongholds of Darkness.  One thousand may fall at my side, ten thousand at my right hand, but because of Your Great Love that continually surrounds me, death, destruction, or permanent loss cannot come near me.  I only observe the consequences of unbelief: pride, greed, fear, hatred, violence, sexual perversion, and the results of bad habits in people’s lives.  Because I have made You, Most High, my dwelling, my Lord, my refuge, no harm befalls me, no disaster comes near our Sweet Life Together.  For You have Mercifully Commanded Your Mighty, Wonderful Angels to Guard me in all ways, to lift me up in their hands so that I do not stumble or fall.  By Your Almighty Power and Super Abounding Grace, we tread upon spiritual wickedness, overcoming the beings of darkness, casting down evil thoughts, profane words, pornographic and violent images, and all bad habits that are empty and void of Your Pure Love."

"My Beloved Bride, I love you with an Everlasting Love.  As you grow in love with me and continue in the Holy process of Marrying me, I am Marrying you!  For each morning and throughout the day and evening, I see you and hear you speaking with me and sharing your life with me.  In turn, I'm speaking with you and sharing my life with you.  I am cherishing you, honoring you, and demonstrating my Great Love for you."

My Precious Jesus, My Bridegroom King...Thank You for Marrying me!  I'm so grateful for Your Infinite, Unconditional, Transforming Love to me and for Your Divine Favor upon me.  Thank You for giving me Your Pure Desires, Clear Vision, and Abundant Holy Happy Life.  Thank You for being so kind and generous to me and to those I dearly love.  Thank You for saving, healing, and restoring my life with You.

"My Redeemed One, when the adversary accuses you and reminds you of what has passed, remember that I dearly love you and have forgiven you.  I forgave you from the cross.  You are part of the Joy that enabled me to endure the cross and I have known you from the beginning.  I am with you and I am empowering you.  Daily, as you dialogue with me in my Glory/Love, I am cleansing you in my Crystal Clear River and Marrying my Life to yours."

"Here I Am...I am inside you and all around you.  Do not fear I am here.  I am always with you.  I will never leave you!  Do not be afraid or dismayed, because I am with you.  I am your all present, all powerful, all knowing, invincible, Almighty Champion Protector and Abundant Provider, your Holy Husband, Closest Companion and Dearest and Best Friend.  Because you have invited me into your life and treasure spending exclusive time with me daily, you are allowing me to heal you and restore you, teach you and guide you, love you and provide for you, and keep you safe and secure in my Everlasting Almighty Arms."

"Why do you think no one in Heaven marries?  It's because the Heavenly citizens, of which you are a royal member, choose to center their affections and devotion on me.  Human beings search all over the world to find true love and happiness, but true love and happiness can only be found in me and in those who are uniting with me.  My precious one, no one loves you, like I love you."


"Only a relatively few, on the earth, spend an hour of exclusive time with me daily.  You are unique and very precious to me, because you cleanse yourself for me and spend prime time alone with me every day.  Very few believers treasure one hour alone with me daily.  Few take the time to purify for me and make themselves ready for me.  Many look forward to marriage bliss with me throughout eternity, but fail to properly prepare for me.  Marriage to me is reserved for those believers who choose to become my Pure and Spotless Bride; who through diligent effort and purification seek to know me and please me.  It is only through having the 'Oil of Intimacy' that you will be permitted to Marry me for Eternity.  Matthew 25:1-13 reveals this clearly."

"Eternal Salvation is freely given to all who trust me as their Savior and Lord.  However, the Oil of My Divine Intimacy/Into Me See/to know me intimately and marry me for eternity, is given only to those who love me enough, who spend at least one hour alone with me each day and who forsake the darkness of this world."

"Many believers use church attendance and ministry to people as a substitute for personal alone time with me; many place their husband or wife, child or occupation, hobby or entertainment superior in their life to me.  But what I said to my disciples in the garden is what I'm still speaking today to all believers: 'Can't you spend one hour in prayer, loving me exclusively alone?  Is it so difficult to rearrange your schedule to spend Prime Time with me?  As you spend one hour alone with me daily, you indeed demonstrate that I am the 'Pearl of Great Price' in your life and that I am worth putting aside everything to be with me.  If not, then you demonstrate with the rest of the world, that you treasure other people and other things more than me; and this saddens me.  For I am inside you to love you and be loved by you.  I created you for sweet fellowship and marital intimacy with me.  I created you to daily spend Prime Time with me and Marry me for Eternity."

"Most believers only offer me crumbs from the table of their life; a few minutes of their day, the leftovers of their love.  How sad for them; they are missing the greatest pleasure of my Joy and daily breaking my heart.  For many are called into my intimacy, but few choose daily to be alone with me; fewer still, respond to my Holy Marriage Proposal and Marry their total life to me." 

Majesty Jesus, Thank You for helping me treasure You above everyone and everything.  Please help me to not let a single day pass without spending at least one hour of Prime Time with You.  Each day You give me 1,440 minutes and only ask a mere 60 minutes of exclusive time with You.  This is less than 4.3% of each 24 hour day; it's truly a small amount of time to spend alone with You.  Therefore, help me cherish our daily time together above everyone and everything!  Help me endure hardships as a good soldier and faithful servant and guard my most precious faith and trust in You.  Help me acquire an abundance of the "Oil of Divine Intimacy" and Marry my total life to You!

My Champion of Heaven, My Holy Regal Husband...I do not feel shame in Your Presence, because of Your great Mercy and Love for me.  Your Amazing Grace, Cleansing Blood, and Overcoming Power working in and through me, is causing me to remove the unclean things and to drive all darkness from me.  I trust there's now nothing in me that is offensive to You.  But if there 's still something in me that offends You, I trust You to show it to me and help me to remove it; that not only my spirit, but also my soul and entire being are refreshing and inviting to You.

"My Beloved Passionate Bride, your sweet tender words and pure devotion to me, expressed through your dialogue with me, touches me deeply and ministers to my heart.  Now you are treasuring what is most precious to me concerning you; it's our daily exclusive time together, which I thoroughly enjoy!  Your Daily Dialogue with me, is neither redundant nor mundane, but Truly Delightful and Healing to me.  For so many believers, hurt my heart, neglecting me and treating me as someone who is 'second best' in their life...and this hurts me deeply, and hurts them as well."

Magnificent Majesty Jesus, I love spending 'Alone Time' with You.  Thank You for your Great Grace and Tender Mercy that causes me to Pursue Knowing You.  My Greatest Joy and Pleasure is being here with You: Loving You, Worshiping You, and Adoring You.  Here in the Temple of Your Heavenly Glory, I Worship You and Adore You!  

"My Dear One, any human being can make time for me and learn to value me; it's just a matter of what is important to them.  Unfortunately, only a relatively few believers treasure being alone with me, only a few create exclusive time for me daily.  Most are seduced away from me; by the pride of life (a puffed up ego and desire for worldly knowledge and entertainment), lust of the flesh (palate pleasure and sexual pleasure), and lust of the eyes (desire for human associations and material possessions).  The sexual slave trade and rampant perversions throughout the globe is evidence of this unfortunate reality.  Each person must choose to overcome these addictive behaviors, soulish self-medicating habits, and learn to abide in the Living Water of Light with me.  When a believer does this, they show 'First-Love' for me and their desire to be with me for eternity."

Beautiful Majesty, Most Precious Jesus...I'm so grateful, that by Your Wonderful Grace, I daily create abundant time for us to be alone together.  It is not a sacrifice for me, but a Divine Privilege and my greatest pleasure to spend Prime Time with You.  I do this now, in order to Marry You and grow my capacity to "Unconditionally Love You and Adore You" throughout Eternity.

As I sit here in Your Holy Presence and Rest in Your Perfect Love...I am renewed, restored, and rise with Wings of Faith and Trust in You.  I Dearly Love You, Totally Trust You and Depend upon You, Fervently Worship You and Passionately Adore You; with all my heart, all my thoughts, all my soul, all my strength, all my body, and all my being...for You have forgiven all my sins and healed all my diseases, sickness, sores, hurts, pain, loss, and my entire Spirit, Soul, and Body completely!  You have lifted my life out of the pit of poverty and despair, and crowned me with Your Divine Favor, Wealth, and Compassion.  As far as the east is from the west…that is how far You have removed my transgressions and guilt from me.  Through the cruel lashes You bore upon your Perfect Body and through the Miracle of Your Cross and Glorious Resurrection, Majesty Jesus…all my sins have been forgiven and forgotten, and through Your Great Love and Tender Mercy, I am being daily: Cleansed, Healed, and Transformed,  You are leading me Higher and Deeper into Your Ultimate Glory and I am thrilled in Your Glorious Light!


"My Blessed One, you are discovering the 'Time Machine of Faith' and the Power of living with me and for me.  This is transforming you and transporting you to the timeless and holy place of my Perfect Dimension.  You know that without purity, though your spirit is willing, your soul will be earth-born and bound in the physical dimension until death.  The lack of purity in soul and body is what drags my people down to the dark dungeons of despair; because as a person thinks and feels in his soul, so is he.  Purity is what is lacking in most believers.  A certain level of purity must be obtained and maintained, in order to Unite with me.  You are among the fortunate few, who understand the importance of Holy Living; the discipline of not speaking, viewing, or doing anything that is not appropriate in my Holy Presence, in the presence of my Holy Angels.  As result of daily purifying your soul and offering yourself as Living sacrifice, you are discovering the Transforming Power of my Pure Life and Living Word expressed through you, spoken from my Pure Presence and Perspective; the Eternal Now."  

O my Lord, You are making me a True Ambassador of Your Love, Purity, and Power; Your Sweetness, Kindness, and Tender Mercy is Glorifying me.  Therefore, I daily purify my soul and body, and put a watch over my mouth, eyes, and ears.  I choose to live purely and speak only words that edify and bless us and those around us.  I was created to be loved by You and to love You with all I am...and I do!


"My people don't understand that they have the freedom and power to create their own schedule in order to seek me first, in the morning, before their day begins and at the end of their day.  They can rise before their day begins to spend exclusive Prime Time with me, and spend time with me in their evening as well.  I desire at least one precious hour of Sweet Intimacy daily, with every Believer on the earth.  This is not too much to ask; 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening would be wonderful for them and for me!  Therefore, help them understand that they have the Privilege and Power to seek my Holy Presence in the morning and throughout their day and evening.  If anyone will speak our Dialogue and make it their own, over time they will experience a new dimension of Increased Intimacy with me and will learn to Marry Me for Eternity!  Our Dialogue is a wonderful way to grow 'Bridal Intimacy' and develop 'Marital Love' for me."

"Remember what I said to Joshua: 'Don't let my Words depart from you; speak them and meditate on them day and night.'  Meditate upon my Precious Words to you and ponder me.  Cleanse and satisfy your soul in my Rich Presence and share all your life and what matters to you most with me.  Because I deeply and passionately care for you and all that genuinely concerns you, share all you are with me."


Merciful Heavenly Father, Magnificent Majesty Jesus, Wonderful Holy Spirit, Almighty and Eternal...You have Renewed me, Restored me, and Surrounded me with Your Love-Light and all the Grace and Mercy I need.  I Worship You...surrender and entrust my life completely to You.  I give You my spirit, soul, and body; my heart, mind, and will; and cover my being with Your Pure, Divine, Precious, Cleansing, Healing, Protecting, Transforming Blood.  I cover my spirit, soul, and body; my heart, mind, and will...for no evil can penetrate Your Holy Invincible Blood!  Thank You for renewing me and restoring me, cleansing me and healing me, protecting me and leading me into Abundant Sweet Living and Everlasting Transforming Life!

Holy Trinity Majesty, I earnestly pray for Complete Salvation for my family and dear friends; for orphans, widows, and Your missionaries; and for Your Precious Body of Believers and for all those who belong to the House of Abraham and Sarah all over the world.  I ask You, Dear Father, to secure Peace and provide Safety and Prosperity for Your people who are living at Jerusalem.  I urgently pray for the well being of Courageous Believers all over world, who are being persecuted and murdered because they love You.  Please separate them from the physical pain inflicted on them and give them Supernatural Strength and Unconditional Love for You, in order for them to endure until You rescue them from their enemies.  Cause their persecutors to see Your Great Love and Awesome Grace through their Faithful Witness and turn to You for Salvation.  Also, I place each one of my family and dear friends under Your Authority and Covering, Sweet Jesus, and entrust them to Your care.  Those cruel thirty-nine lashes, You Nobly and Courageously bore upon Your Perfect Body, has healed every sickness and disease in our minds and bodies, and has set us Free from needing the drugs and corrupting stimulants of this world.  Therefore, I cover us with Your Pure, Divine, Precious, Cleansing, Healing, Protecting, Transforming Blood; for no evil can penetrate Your Holy Invincible Blood!  I cover our spirits, souls, and bodies; our hearts, minds, and wills.  Thank You for saving us and restoring us, loving us and providing abundantly for us; blessing us, healing us, and protecting us.  I also pray for Your mercy and blessing upon my human enemies, upon those who hate me and have spoken evil or are speaking evil against me.

I pray for Justice and Mercy to reign supreme in our nation and throughout the globe.  Please cause our leaders and law enforcement agents to purify themselves and serve our nation honestly and faithfully. May all corruption and greed be rooted out of them.  May they serve You and our nation with strength of character and valiant diligence against all those who would seek to enslave us.  Please cause our nation to return to morality and holy living.  Help us repent and turn from evil and self indulgence. Help us guard the innocent, especially those in the womb, and care for our citizens who are less fortunate.  Above all things, help us be true to You.  Please, Dear Heavenly Father, continue to show us Mercy.  I know we don't deserve it.  But, Mercy deserved is not Mercy at all.

Magnificent Majesty Jesus...You alone are worthy of all my time, energy, worship, heart’s devotion, praise, trust, and all the substance of my life.  I Dearly Love You, Totally Trust You and Depend upon You, Fervently Worship You and Passionately Adore You; with all my heart, all my thoughts, all my soul, all my strength, all my body, and all my being.  I give myself to You and live Your Abundant Holy Happy Life.  You alone are Life and You are my Life.  I renounce all forms of evil against You: unbelieving and distrusting words toward You; profane speech, pornographic fantasy, and violent television and movies that are disgusting to You; harshly judging and being rude and overbearing to people which grieves You; and instead give myself to Your Holiness and Purity.  I give You the Supreme Place and Pure Pleasure that You truly deserve in our Life Together and declare here and now, that this life is all about You, Jesus, not about me.  You are my Champion and Hero of my story and I belong to You.  Thank You for Loving me and revealing to me Your Perfect Plan for our Sweet Life Together.  Thank You, for Your Marvelous Grace and Wondrous Healing for my Spirit, Soul, and Body.  Thank You for helping me cleanse and renew my Spirit, Soul, and Body each morning and evening in Your Crystal Clear River of Pure Renewing Life.  Thank You for helping me daily speak this Dialogue with You.  Thank You for giving me Life Transforming Repentance from all unloving thoughts, words, and actions, and all forms of evil.  Thank You for helping me keep my mind, will, emotions, and desires centered on You.  I previously thought carnal actions were the more deadly sins.  Now, however, I see the greater sins are the sins of Unbelief and Distrust in You.  Therefore, I repent of unbelief and distrusting words and actions toward You.  I determine to Trust You and stay True to You, even if hardships come.  Daily, please help me Trust You and stay True to You.  Help me give myself to You and Unite with You in all things.

Thank You for demonstrating Your Great Love for me, by coming into this world to Save me…and for giving to me Your Holy Spirit; to Love me, Lead me, Heal me, and Transform me.  Thank You for including me in Your Holy Kingdom; for forgiving me my sins, for giving to me Your Purity and Holiness, and for making me complete in You.  I am most loved and blessed to be invited and empowered to live continually with You in Your Holy Heavenly Dimension, filled and overflowing with Your Holy Healing Transforming Light.  Thank You for helping me Live Heavenly Pure.  Gratefully, I receive You with Thanksgiving and give You total access and welcome entrance into every part of me.  I give You my spirit, soul, and body; my heart, mind, and will.  I cover myself and those I dearly love with Your Pure, Divine, Precious, Cleansing, Healing, Protecting, Transforming Blood; for no evil can penetrate Your Holy Invincible Blood!

Most Dearly Loved, Magnificent Majesty Jesus; Almighty and Eternal…Thank You for coming to buy me back from sin, sickness, poverty, and death, with Your own Precious Life and for leading me out of the dimensions of darkness into Your Abundant Holy Happy Life.  Gratefully, I receive all the Benefits of Your Great Work, Triumph of Your Cross and Glorious Resurrection, and ponder daily all You have done and are doing for me.


O King of Infinite Love and Life, I ponder the awesome, Terrible Price, You “over paid” to buy me back from sin, sickness, poverty, and death.  You endured the rejection of Your countrymen, Israel…who stood by and watched as Your tormentors: slapped, beat, mocked, spat upon You, tore out Your beard, and pressed the cruel crown of poisonous thorns into Your noble brow.  They viciously shed Your Precious Divine Blood, as the whips, laced with sharp objects, bones, and iron barbs tore mercilessly into Your flesh at the whipping post, and on the cross as they drove the six inch spikes into Your hands and feet.  They jeered at You, scorned You, and taunted You, as You suffered intense agony six hours on the cross...and though You could barely breathe, let alone speak, Your only response to their hatred was: "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they are doing."  At any time, You could have called Twelve Legions of Your Mightiest Angels to set You free, but instead You hung there for me.  Thank You, Holy Trinity!  Thank You, Holy Trinity!  Thank You, Holy Trinity!!!  Because of Your Great Love for me, You endured the pain and suffering of Your Passion to Save me; chose to Separate Yourself from Your own Holy Being for me; endured the Crushing Blows of Satan's hatred for me; and bore my sin, sickness, poverty, and death for me.  Then You endured death and the descent into the lower dimensions to set me and all humanity free!  You Arose Victorious over death, hell, and the grave, to set me free to live in Your Holy Heavenly Kingdom; in Your Majestic Beauty, Purity, and Splendor Forever.  Because of Your Ultimate Sacrifice, Magnificent Majesty Jesus…Your Precious Divine Blood covers me; I am Atoned for, Ransomed, and brought into Your Holy Heavenly Dimension; my Spirit, Soul, and Body are being Transformed by Your Glory and Power, and every claim made against me is disavowed!  You have clothed me in Your Royal Robe of Righteousness, in Your Holy Healing Light, and placed me High beside You in Your Holy Heavenly Dimension.  I fully embrace Your Cross and Death, here on earth, through which I have died with You to sin and the corruption it brings, to the world and its evil pollutions and distractions.  You have rendered powerless, through Your Awesome Sacrifice and Glorious Resurrection, the sinful nature that once prevailed over me; with all its unbelief, pride, rudeness, arrogance, fear, lust, violence, greed, and every unholy behavior.  You have crucified the old creation with all its sin, sickness, poverty, and death, and clothed me with the Holiness and Purity of Your New Creation.

My Almighty Savior and Marvelous Master...I give myself to Your Holiness and Purity and gladly yield my entire being completely to You.  Gratefully I receive all the Work and Triumph of Your Cross and Glorious Resurrection, through which You Conquered sin, sickness, and death; fear, judgment, and condemnation for me, and for all humanity.  Death has no mastery over You, nor does any foul thing…and I have been raised with You to a New Life, to Live Your Life!  Now I am Alive to You forevermore!  By Your Great Grace and Tender Mercy, I take my place in Your Resurrection and in Your Life, through which I am Saved and Transformed by Your Life.  Gratefully, I receive Your Sweet Nature, which Loves Unconditionally and Forgives Daily Seventy times Seven; Your Honesty, Generosity, Courtesy and Kindness for Others; Purity in Soul and Body; Great Faith and Overcoming Courage; Patience, Discipline, and Discernment; Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence; and Your Joy, Peace, and Perfect Love.  Thank You for giving me the Power of Your Resurrection and Eternal Life!


You are the King of kings and Lord of lords!  You are the Ultimate Authority, having all Dominion throughout all Creation.  You have won the Everlasting Victory over the adversary and the dimensions of darkness, and have given me Your Intelligence and Authority, to expand Your Holy Heavenly Kingdom at all times and in every way.  Gratefully, I receive all the Blessings and Benefits of Your Great Work on the Cross and Triumph of Your Ascension, through which You conquered the adversary and cast him down, disarming the dimensions of darkness.  You have Total Dominion in Heaven and on earth, my Beloved Master, and You are Most Worthy to receive from me, all my Love, Obedience, and Allegiance, now and forevermore.

"My Precious One, let my Spirit flow through your spirit, soul, and body.  Let me heal you, restore you, and transform you.  Because your spirit and my Spirit are one, you know all that I know, for what I've appointed you to do.  For when you received me as your Savior and Lord, your spirit was born-again, and we became one in Spirit!  Now, let me lead you and transform you from within.  Let my Spirit speak through you to heal you and restore you.  Speak to whatever ails you and heal it in my Name.  The Power of Creative Life is in your tongue...use it!  Speak my Words, to heal and transform your soul and body, and do the same for those who desire Life with me.  Place your hands upon yourself and others, then speak the Healing Word.  Be a channel of my Healing Light and Compassionate Love, and you will see great miracles in yourself and in those you touch with my love."

"Remember, to him that has True Faith and Trust in me, more Faith and Trust will be given to him.  But, to him who does not have faith, even what he has will be taken away.  Therefore, diligently guard what you have, and command your soul and body to manifest Abundant Holy Happy Life.  Stay vigilantly aware of your words!  Unbelieving and distrusting words are the greatest adversaries to your life."

"My Beloved One, you are a New Creation!  Therefore, learn to live from your 'Primary Intelligence' which is located below your physical heart, in your spirit.  Feel me loving you and guiding you from within...not through thoughts and voices from your mind, but through the True Inward Witness!  Ignore the confusing thoughts and deceiving voices.  Remember, I speak to you in whispers and lead you by my still small voice.  Quiet yourself and listen intently...then you will feel and act with me."

Magnificent Majesty Jesus…I Declare Your Authority, Rule, and Dominion and the Fullness of Your Work on the Cross and in Your Glorious Resurrection, defeated the adversary and all spirits in the dimensions of darkness.  Now I have Victory through Your Holy Spirit, Divine Precious Blood, Cleansing Word, and Transforming Grace. No unclean spirit has dominion over me because of Your Redemptive Work!  I declare Your Finished Work, my Master, over all spirits attempting to violate and hurt me.  Through Wise and Holy Living, I render powerless, in Your Holy Name, all warring, hurting, unclean spirits and drive them away from me.

Almighty Holy Spirit...Thank You for coming into my life and remaining in my life.  Though I have grieved You many times in many ways, You continue to demonstrate Your Great Love for me.  Gratefully, I receive Your Precious Gifts and the Victory You are giving me through the Holy Fire of Your Purging Process and Cleansing Baptism.  You have clothed me in Your Holy Heavenly Healing Power and sealed me for Eternity.  You are the Spirit of Truth in me; the Life of God in me; my Teacher, Counselor, Comforter, Healer, Protector, Provider, and Life Transformer.  You are the Giver of Life; the Source of Life; the Water of Life; the Bread of Life; the Wine of Life; my Supreme Pleasure in Life and Eternal Life!  I honor You my Sovereign and yield my entire being completely to You.

Most Precious Holy Spirit...I completely depend on You, earnestly inquire of You, and gratefully receive and follow Your Brilliant Guidance.  I put on Your Full Armor, O God: the Belt of Speaking Your Truth in Love, Breast-plate of Your Wholeness and Purity, Shoes that ready me to share the Good News of Your Wonderful Grace all over the world, and the Helmet of Your Glorious Salvation!  I take the Living Water Shield of Faith and Sword of Your Holy Word and daily demonstrate Your Magnificent Victory over the dimensions of darkness.

Magnificent Holy Spirit…Thank You for teaching me how to Overcome with You.  Thank You for Your Precious Warrior Angels, who help me and guard me faithfully day and night.  If it wasn't for them, I would have perished long ago.  Gratefully, I receive Your Divine Assistance and the Holy Company of Your Angels, who aid me in our Life Together and help me to Prevail Over and Conquer the beings of darkness...who help me Overcome all evil plans and strategies formed against me and against those I dearly love.

"My Beloved One, each time you Dialogue with me, you are accelerating your Transformation into higher dimensions of Holy Living.  Spending Prime Time with me in the morning and throughout the day and evening is the best way for you to experience Victory in our Life and Work together."


There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ; who are United with Jesus, our Wonderful King and Glorious Savior; who do not habitually live according to the sinful nature, but according to His Holy Spirit.

Those who habitually live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who habitually live in accordance with His Holy Spirit, have their minds set on what His Holy Spirit desires.  The mind and body of a sinful man reaps death, but the mind and body controlled by His Holy Spirit reaps Life and Peace. The sinful mind is hostile to God.  It does not submit to His Spirit and Word, nor can it do so.  Those who are controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.

You, however, are not controlled by the sinful nature, but by His Holy Spirit, if He is living and working through you.  And if anyone does not have the Holy Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.  But if the Holy Spirit of Christ is living and working through you, you are Alive because of His Power and Righteousness living and working through you.  And if the Holy Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living and working through you…He who raised Christ from the dead is giving Transforming Healing Life to your mortal body from His Holy Spirit living and working through you.

Therefore, we have been given a Divine Privilege and a Sweet Obligation; but it is not to the sinful nature, to live according to it.  For if you live according to the sinful nature you will die; but if by His Holy Spirit you put to death the sinful behaviors of the mind and body you will live; because those who are led by His Holy Spirit and yield to His Holy Spirit, are the Mature Sons and Daughters of God.  For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received His Holy Spirit of Divine Adoption.  And by Him we cry, “Abba/Beloved Father!”  His Holy Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s Children.  Now, because we are His Children, we are heirs; heirs of our Heavenly Father and co-heirs with Christ; if indeed we share in His sufferings, in order that we may share in His Glory.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the Glory that will be revealed through us.  The creation waits in eager expectation for the Sons and Daughters of God to Mature and shine with all His Glory!  For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the Glorious Freedom of the Children of God.  And we know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.  Not only the whole creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of His Holy Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our full adoption and Glorification as Sons and Daughters; the Transformation of our Souls and Bodies into the Full Glory of God.  For in this hope we were saved.  But hope that is seen is no hope at all.  Who hopes for what he already has?  As we hope for what is about to soon manifest in and through us, we wait for the Glory of God to transform us; from this mortal to the Immortal; from this perishable to the Imperishable!

And we know, that in all things our Heavenly Father Works to make all events work for Good for those who Love Him, who have been Called according to His Purpose.  Every evil thing that God Almighty allows to happen, prevents greater loss and pain to His People, and exposes and diminishes the dimensions of darkness.

"As you know me and trust me and my work in your life, you will not dwell mournfully on your past or overly regret any decision you have made.  You will realize you are in the Process of Transformation and each day is leading you closer and closer to Full Maturity.  Your ultimate goal is to become a Glorious, Luminous, Christ-Filled Being of Heavenly Purity and Holy Healing Light; overflowing with my Pure Love, Divine Wisdom, Authority, and Power.  Nothing takes priority over this!  This is what the Apostle Paul spoke of, when he wrote: 'Forgetting those things in the past, I press toward the Prize of the High Calling in Christ.'  Unfortunately, only a few pay the price for full maturity, only a few obtain this High Holy Calling.  Many are called, but few fully respond to me and Marry me.  However, those that do pursue me and unite with me are rewarded beyond all others."       

All those our Heavenly Father foreknew would choose to Unite with Him…He predestined to be conformed to the Likeness and Glory of his Son…for Jesus is the firstborn among many Sisters and Brothers.  And those He predestined, He also Called; those He Called, He also Justified; those He Justified, He also Glorified!

What then, shall we say in response to this?  Our Heavenly Father is for us!  Who can overcome us?  He who did not spare his own Son, but gave Him up for us all, is along with Him graciously giving us all things that create Life and Holiness.  Who will bring any charge against those our Heavenly Father predestined to be conformed to the Likeness and Glory of His Son?  It is He who justifies us!  Who can condemn us?

Jesus, who died and was raised to life, is at the Right Hand of our Heavenly Father, Interceding for us!  Therefore, Satan can no longer accuse us to the Father, like he did regarding Job.  What then, can separate us from the Love of our Heavenly Father; shall trouble, or hardship, or persecution, or famine, or danger, or loss, or pain?  No, in all these things we are more than Conquerors through Him who Loves Us.  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, nor fallen angels or demons, neither the past, present, or future, nor any powers; neither height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, can separate us from the Love of our Heavenly Father, manifesting in Jesus our Lord, flowing through His Magnificent Holy Spirit.

Therefore, in view of our Heavenly Father’s Infinite Mercy, offer your soul and body as a Living Sacrifice, Holy and Pleasing to Him; for this is your Spiritual Worship.  Do not conform to the pattern of this corrupt and perverted world, but be Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind, through Speaking His Word, Praying in His Holy Spirit, and Radiating His Glory!  Then you will Know and Perform His Good, Pleasing, and Perfect Will.  For it is not by physical might, nor by human intelligence, but through the Wisdom and Power of His Holy Spirit, you can accomplish all things in His Glorious Plan for your life.

"The fruit and gifts of my Holy Spirit flow from your spirit, from your Primary Intelligence, not from your brain, which is your secondary intelligence.  They are the 'Rivers of Living Water' that I promised to anyone who thirsts for me.  They comprise the 'Living Water Shield of Faith' that dissolves the flaming missiles of the evil one.  As you learn to live from your Pure-Knowing Intelligence, you become Transformed and live Abundantly."

Let no debt remain outstanding in your mind, except the continuing debt to Love God and each other.  The Commandments: Do not commit adultery, Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not covet, Do not lust, Do not lie, and whatever other Commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: Love and be Merciful, Kind and Courteous, to all human beings, as you would to yourself.  Love forgives all debts and offences and fulfills all the Heavenly Commandments.  And do this, understanding the present time.  The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our Salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.  The night is nearly over, the day is almost here.  So put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the Armor of Light!  Behave decently, as in the daytime; not in sexual immorality or pornographic fantasy; not in dissension or jealousy.  Rather, clothe yourselves with the Purity and Majesty of Jesus, our Wonderful King and Glorious Savior, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

Live by His Holy Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.  For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to His Holy Spirit and His Holy Spirit desires what is contrary to the sinful nature.  They oppose each other.  Therefore, to Truly Live and Love, requires the Power and Presence of His Holy Spirit living and working through you.

The acts of the sinful/self-centered nature are obvious: disbelief in God and distrusting words and actions toward His Holy Spirit; sexual immorality, profanity, and greed; idolatry, witchcraft, and drug abuse; hatred, discord, and jealousy; rudeness, fits of rage, and selfish ambition; dissensions, factions, and envy; gluttony, laziness, drunkenness, orgies, and the like.  I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this do not reap and enjoy Rest, Peace, and Happiness; the Heavenly Fruit of Holy Love…for the Fruit of His Holy Spirit is Love; Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Discipline.  Against such Powerful Attributes of Holy Love, the Currency and Holy Apparel and Armor of Heaven, there is no overcoming power!  Those who belong to Jesus are destroying the sinful nature with its perverse desires and profane speech.  Since we live by His Holy Spirit, let us keep in step with His Holy Spirit.  Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.  And do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who observe you and hear His Holy Spirit speaking through you.  And do not grieve His Holy Spirit, with whom you were sealed for the Day of Redemption.  Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.  Be Merciful, Kind, and Compassionate to one another.  Forgive each other, just as in Christ our Heavenly Father has forgiven you.  And be Imitators of Jesus, as Dearly Loved Children, and Live a Life of Love…just as Christ Loves Us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to our Holy Heavenly Father.  Among you there must not be even a hint of unbelief; sexual immorality or pornographic fantasy, profane speech or greed; because these are improper for God’s Holy People...nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather Thanksgiving.  Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things disaster comes on those who are disobedient.  Therefore, do not be partners with them.  For you were once darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; live as Children of Light…for the Fruit of the Light consists in all Goodness, Holiness, and Truth.  And find out what pleases the Lord.  Have nothing to do with or speak of the fruitless deeds of darkness, but in your own life expose the darkness.  For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.  But everything exposed by the Light becomes visible, for it is Light that makes everything visible.  This is why it is said: “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine through you.”

Be very careful then, how you live, not as the unwise, but as the wise; making the most of your time, because the days are evil.  Time spent with His Holy Spirit is time best spent.  The Power to live a Holy Life is found in the morning and evening with God.  The Power to produce extraordinary results is found in His Holy Presence, in the morning and throughout the day and night.  You must seek His Presence first and foremost!  You must seek God's God's His Invisible Presence."  

"Liken my presence to a dove, who is easily driven away.  Then you will begin to understand what is required to be with me and remain with me.  I like peace and tranquility, similar to a dove...the gentle breeze of your love surrounding me and wooing me.  I love to feel welcome and deeply desired.  Since you want time alone with me and to truly show you adore me, shut off the deafening noise of the world and create a quiet Holy Place to be with me.  I desire for you to enter my Garden and be with me, as it was in the beginning...then to go on into Sweeter Fellowship and Marital Intimacy; a Oneness of Loving and Being Forever."

Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.  Do not get drunk on sin and lose your awareness of His Holy Spirit; by excessively drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs or pornography, which leads to physical deterioration and sexual corruption and death.  Instead, be fully divorced from all sinful/unholy habits and worldly enticements.  Be filled with His Holy Spirit!  Speak to Almighty God and to yourself with Psalms and Spiritual songs, sing and make music from your Heart to the Lord, continually Giving Thanks to our Heavenly Father in everything; by the Power of His Holy Spirit, in the Name of our Beloved Master Jesus Christ, our Wonderful King and Glorious Savior!

Be Strong in the Lord, in His Almighty Purity, Wisdom, and Power!  Put on the Full Armor of the Purity and Majesty of Jesus, so that you can take your stand against the adversary’s schemes.  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual beings of darkness of every rank in the spiritual dimensions.  Therefore put on the Full Armor of God, so that in this evil day you may be able to Stand your Ground, and after you have done everything to stand, Stand Firm; with the Belt of Truth buckled around your waist, with the Breastplate of His Purity and Holiness in place, and with your feet fitted and fully prepared to carry you around the world to share the Good News of His Wonderful Grace.  In addition to all this, take up the Shield of Faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming lies and deceptions of the evil one.  Take the Helmet of Salvation and Sword of Truth, which is the Word of God.  And Pray in His Holy Spirit, as much as possible, with all kinds of prayers and requests, with this in mind; be Alert and Always keep on Praying for all God’s People and for His Holy Kingdom to manifest on the earth. 

Since then you have been raised with Christ, set your affection and thoughts on Things Above where Christ is seated at the Right Hand of our Heavenly Father.  Center your Life around Heavenly Things, not on earthly things; for your old life has died and your new life is now hidden with Christ.  When Christ, who is your life appears, then you will appear with Him in Glory.  Put to death therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: unbelief, sexual immorality, pornographic fantasy, profanity, perverse desires and greed; because of these destruction is coming.  You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived.  But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: television/movie/video-game/magazine images of lust, anger, murder, and mayhem; rage, malice, slander, and filthy language.  You will Live Well and Please the Lord, if you remove all these from your life.  Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the New Self, which is being recreated and revealed through the Knowledge of our Heavenly Father, by the Power of His Holy Spirit, in the Presence of our Beloved Master Jesus Christ, our Wonderful King and Glorious Savior.  In His Heavenly Kingdom, there is no Jew or Muslim, black or white, male or female, but Christ is all and is in all.

Therefore, as God’s Chosen People…Holy and Dearly Loved; clothe yourself with Purity, Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness and Patience, which is the Royal Apparel and Armor of Heaven!  Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against each other.  Forgive as the Lord forgave you!  And over all these virtues put on Love, which joins them all together in Perfect Unity.

Let the Peace of Christ Rule in your Heart, since as members of One Body you are called to Peace and be Thankful.  Let the Word of Christ Live in and through you, as you teach and admonish each other with all Wisdom and sing Psalms and Spiritual Songs with Gratitude from your Hearts to the Holy Trinity.  And whatever you do, whether in Word or Deed, do it all in the Name of our Beloved Master Jesus Christ, in His Purity and Holy Love, by the Power of His Holy Spirit, Giving Thanks to our Heavenly Father through Him…Amen.


Then I saw the New Heaven and the New Earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and there was no longer any sea.  I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from our Heavenly Father, prepared as a Bride beautifully dressed for her Husband.  And I heard a loud voice from the Throne saying, “Now the dwelling of our Heavenly Father is with human beings and He lives in them. They are His people and He is with them.  He wipes every tear from their eyes. There is no more death, mourning, crying, or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

He who was seated on the Throne said, “See…I Am Making Everything New!”  Then He said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”  He said to me: “It is done!  I Am the First and the Last, the Beginning and Completion of all things!  To those who thirst for my Living Water, I give to drink without cost from the Holy Source of the Water of Life.”

Then the Angel showed me the River of the Water of Life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb, down the middle of the great street of the city.  From the River grew the Tree of Life, producing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the Leaves of the Tree are for the Healing of the Nations.  No longer is there any curse.  His Throne is in His city, and His Sons and Daughters Love Him and serve Him.  They see His Face and His Name is in their foreheads.  There is no more night.  They do not need the light of a lamp, or the light of the sun, for God gives them His Glorious Light to reign forever and ever!

Then I looked and heard the Voice of many Angels, numbering Thousands upon Thousands, and Ten Thousand times Ten Thousand.  They encircled the Throne and the Living creatures and the Elders.  In a loud voice they sang: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive all Power and Wealth, Wisdom and Strength; Honor and Glory and Praise!”  Then I heard every creature in Heaven and on earth, and under the earth, and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying: “To Him who sits on the Throne and to the Lamb…Praise and Honor, Glory and Power, Forever and Ever!”  And the Four Living Creatures said, “Amen”...and the Elders prostrated themselves and Worshiped Him.

"My Beloved One...Marry your total being completely to me!  Flee the lower dimensions and self-centered activities of the world.  Choose Purity and Holiness in all you see and hear; think, say, and do.  Then you will know me, hear me, and see me as I Am.  For you are here on this planet to love me, first and foremost, and to develop Faith and Awareness of my Holy Being in you.  You are among the most blessed, who have not seen my visible image, and yet you have gone on from just believing in me, to Knowing Me Intimately!  Well done, my Beloved One."

Holy Trinity Majesty...Thank You for causing me to unite my whole being completely with You, and for giving me Pure Eyes and Ears to Know You, Hear You, and See You!  Gratefully, I Live with You in Your Holy Presence, obey Your Holy Word, apply Your Holy Wisdom, and follow Your Holy Guidance…to Know You, Hear You, and See You, and be fully Transformed from this mortal creation to Your Immortal Life!  Like a lowly worm being transformed into a Beautiful Butterfly, gratefully I receive Your Glorious Gift of Transformation.  This is my Highest Vision and Divine Purpose.  For You created me to be a Glorious, Luminous Being of Heavenly Purity and Holy Healing Transforming Light...filled with Your Pure Love, Divine Wisdom, Authority, and Power!  You created me to be Your Holy Bride, Closest Companion, and Dearest and Best Friend.  I am infinitely more than what my physical appearance reveals, because Jesus, You are in me and I am in You.  

You are my Sovereign King and Supreme Master, Divine Passionate Sweetheart and Pure Holy Lover, Heavenly Advocate and High Priest Intercessor, Compassionate Shepherd and Victorious Savior, Precious Teacher and Miraculous Healer, Almighty Warrior Protector and Abundant Provider; my Holy Regal Husband, Closest Companion, and Dearest and Best Friend.  I Dearly Love You, Totally Trust You and Depend upon You, Fervently Worship You and Passionately Adore You.  Forevermore, I belong to You and with You!

Most Precious Sweetheart Jesus...Thank You for helping me: be the most Loving and Passionate Bride to You; tenderly touch You with the Purest Love and Sweetest Affection; Love You in song and Worship and Dance with You; bring You increased Honor and Glory, as I rise Higher and Higher in Holy Love and Purity with You; forsake the lower dimensions of this world and Ascend into the Higher Dimensions of Your Abundant Holy Happy Life with You; be Holy, Pure, and Always Fresh for You; and focus upon the Pure and Noble, True and Lovely, Admirable and Praiseworthy things of Your Kingdom; and give all Praise and Worship, Love and Adoration, continually and Eternally to You.

Merciful Master...I Love You and Adore You!  Thank You for causing my eyes to focus upon Your Pure Being and for helping me tune-out the noise of this world with all its violent and perverse images. Thank you for causing me to See Your Glorious Majesty and live this life and run my race, by Your Great Love; Courtesy and Kindness for Others, Purity in Soul and Body, Great Faith and Overcoming Courage; Your Patience, Discipline, and Discernment, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence…for the Glory of Your Everlasting, Magnificent Holy Name.


Dear Jesus, despite living in this physical world and overcoming the challenges that go with it, I am Marrying You!  Each day, I am declaring my Genuine Love for You, Total Trust and Dependence on You, Fervent Worship and Passionate Adoration for You.  You know I Love You First and Foremost, and bow to You, kiss You, and embrace You with all I am.

I Love You in song and Praise You with dancing and singing.

I lift up my hands to You and Worship Your Holy Name.

I write to You and speak to You with Passion and Purpose!

I prefer You, Most Beautiful Lord, above and beyond all others and all things forever.

I say No to the things that displease You, to say Yes to You, my Beloved Master.

I live with You in Your Holy Presence, under Your Heavenly Protection, and accept from You whatever trials that come, to teach me Your Wisdom and Guide me into Your Perfect Plan for our Life Together.

Gratefully...I receive Your Holy Kisses, Healing Hugs, and Warm Loving Embrace.

Gratefully...I receive Your Abundant Provision for our Life Together.

Gratefully...I receive Your Abundant Health and Wholeness.

Gratefully...I receive Your Abundant Peace and Joy.

Gratefully...I receive the Fruit and Gifts of Your Holy Spirit; that I may Know You and Love You, co-labor with You, and with those who serve You in Heaven and upon the earth.

Gratefully...I receive Your Calm Patience, Strong Discipline, Pure Awareness, Clear Discernment, and Overcoming Courage, that I may Know and Execute the Wisest and Best Course of Action in our Work and Life Together.

Gratefully...I choose to be with You in Your Ever Expanding Garden of Holy Love and Sweet Happiness, and look forward to the Complete Transformation of my Spirit, Soul, and Body.

As a Servant of Your Precious Blood, I am endeavoring to represent You with Honor and Power and make Your True Being Known throughout the earth.  I am declaring Your “Holy Marriage Proposal” and sharing Your Gracious, Marriage Invitation with anyone who desires You. 

Gratefully...I am receiving Your Tender Mercy and Forgiveness, and extending Your Mercy to all human beings.  Through Your Great Love for me, I am becoming a Glorious, Luminous Being of Heavenly Purity and Holy Healing Transforming Light.  I am learning to walk with You and talk with You, and live in Your Highest Dimension of Pure Love and Complete Salvation.  I am learning to choose Purity and Holiness in our Life Together and Cherish every moment with You. Thank You for giving me Divine Surprises and Joyful, Wondrous experiences with You each day.  How Beautiful and Eternal is Your Divine Ardent Love for me.

I am Your Beloved Passionate Bride.  I am Loving You and Serving You more and more.  Purity and Holiness is growing deeper and fuller in me every day, as I am enjoying more and more Prime Time with You.  What is happening in our Divine Sanctuary is defining our Eternal Relationship and Quality of Life Together.  Here in Your Holy Heavenly Dimension, there are Pure Pleasures and Heavenly Delights!  I Dearly Love You, Totally Trust You and Depend upon You, Fervently Worship You and Passionately Adore You.  Forevermore, I belong to You and with You!

Thank You for helping me unite with You and be completely Transformed for You.  Thank you, Beloved Master, for inviting me up to a much higher level of Holy Intimate Married Life with You. 


"My Precious Bride, this is the true measure and expression of your passion to live wholly for me and to live Holy with me; because you wouldn't do it or view it in Heaven in my Holy Presence, you do not do it or view it on the earth.  You know that I see you and are here with you.  Living in Holy Harmony and enjoying Life with me is experienced by choosing activities and social interaction that we mutually enjoy.  You know I don't enjoy violent, profane, crude, nude: TV, movies, video games, books, magazines, the internet, gossip, slander, or strife.  Love, Joy, Peace, and Unity among my creation is my delight; beautiful music and stories with happy endings thrill my heart; wholesome sports and physical fitness invigorate my soul; serving others and enhancing their lives fulfills me.  Loving me and Marrying me is a simple process of allowing me, as your Eternal King and Holy Husband, to choose what is best for us."

"As you resist and overcome the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, and eat from the 'Tree of Life' you walk with me in the Garden of my Holy Love.  Therefore, don't eat from the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil'; don't partake of the violent and sensual entertainment of the world.  Rather, eat from the 'Tree of Pure Life' and live the Abundant Holy Happy Life with me."

"As you resist and overcome the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, you no longer travel the wide road that leads to walk in the Holy Spirit of My Glory/Love; the Spirit that gives Divine Wisdom and Clear Understanding; the Spirit that gives Heavenly Instruction and Divine Power; the Spirit that gives Divine Knowledge and the 'Fear of the Lord' which is an Awesome Respect and Pure Reverence for My Holy Presence within and around you.  This gives you clear direction for our Life Together and all that you require to overcome poverty, sin, sickness, and death."

"As you resist and overcome the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, I share with you the Hidden Manna; the Secrets of my Kingdom and award you the most precious White Stone.  This identifies you as a New Creation, with a new name written on it that no one fully comprehends.  That name reveals your New Nature and True Identity, as my Beloved Bride: Passionate and Pure, Compassionate and Merciful, Kind and Courteous, Patient and Calm, Humble and Meek, Disciplined and Diligent, Discerning and Aware, Wise and Intelligent, Honest and Trustworthy, Generous and Understanding, Courageous and Overcoming, Victorious and Transformed."

"As you resist and overcome the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, and daily do 'Our Father's Will' with me, I give you my Authority and Power for Our Life and Work Together, and the 'Morning Star' rising in your heart, which is My Glory/Love overflowing from within you."

"As you resist and overcome the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, you are being clothed in Holy Light; the Purity of my Holiness.  I will never blot out your name from the Book of Life, but rather acknowledge your name in the Presence of my Father and His Holy Angels."

"I am coming very soon, so hold on to what you have achieved, so no one can take you Joy and Crown.  As you resist and overcome the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, I will make you a Strong Pillar in the Temple of our Holy Heavenly Father.  Never again will you leave us.  I will write on you the Name of our Father, the Name of Our City (The New Jerusalem) which is coming down out of Heaven from our Father, and I will write on you my New Name."

"Here I am, I am speaking to you from the depths of your spirit and leading you into Everlasting Abundant Holy Happy Life.  As you know me and obey me, and open your entire being to me, I am filling you with my Presence and Power, and Uniting with you, as you Unite with me."

"As you resist and overcome the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, I invite you to sit with me on my Throne, just as I overcame the temptations of the flesh, the world, and hell's enticements and entrapments, and sat down with my Father on His Throne.  Our Throne is the position of Power and Authority to rule and reign in Pure Love.  Therefore, Treasure your Holy Marriage to me.  Treasure being with me in purity.  Treasure loving me unconditionally.  Treasure showing mercy and compassion to the broken and hurting people you encounter with me.  Treasure your Eternal Life with me.  I embrace you, as my Beloved Bride, as your entire being is surrendered to me, as your motives and thoughts are Cleansed and Transformed for me, as your life's purpose is given to me.  Because I will not marry anything less than all of you for me, you must yield your total life to me.  There is nothing in the world that is worth missing the Divine Privilege of Marrying Me."


"At the time of your Spiritual Birth, my Divine Seed of Glory was imparted to you.  That is why everything appeared New and Alive in your Spiritual Infantcy.  Then your adversary and his minions, both demonic and human, sought to smother the Glory, which he has tried to do throughout your life.  But at times and seasons you have grown the Glory.  And each time you do the Glory expands and grows stronger in you.  Christ in you is this Glory!  I desire to fill not only your spirit, but also your soul and body, until My Glory completely saturates and overflows from you.  However, this Total Transformation can only happen, as you Daily and Actively Seek the Fullness of My Glory to flow through your entire being.  This comes as you show Deep Humility toward others and Genuine Adoration of Christ in them.  Very few Believers understand this.  As a result, My Glory remains dormant in them throughout their lives.  It is only My Glory that will convince the world, believers and unbelievers alike, to turn from their sins and to daily and actively seek me and to Grow My Glory in them.  The essence of My Glory is Love.  The essence of sin is falling short of my Divine Love.  There is nothing in the world that can in any way compare to the Ecstasy of My Glory/Love.  Therefore, I earnestly command you to Grow My Glory/Love and inspire others to Grow My Glory/Love...then My Glory/Love will cover the entire earth and restore all things, as it was in the beginning.  It is My Glory/Love in the Third Heaven that sustains the Perfection and Perpetual Life of all Things.  I desire this same Glory/Love to fill the earth."


(1) Pride and Arrogance toward me and others

(2) Lying to manipulate and hurt others

(3) Greed and Unthankfulness

(4) Stealing my Tenth and Offering and marketing my Spiritual Gifts for money

(5) Anger and Hatred toward others

(6) Gossip and Slander toward others

(7) Unkind Words and Gestures toward others

(8) Spoken Fear and Unbelief in my Perfect Love

(9) Uncontroled Lust and Perversion

(10) Viewing Violent and Perverse Entertaiment

(11) Laziness, Gluttony, and Neglecting Daily Duties

(12) Lack of Reverence for me and my Holy Dimensions


"Overcome the Glory/Love Diminishers and Marry your spirit, soul, and body to me, only then will you know and flow in my Glory/Love.  Remember, your Divine Imagination is a preview of your glorious future, the substance of what is to come, which is determined by how much you Marry/Unite with me in my Glory/Love."


The Jesus Prime Time Dialogue is a pathway to Growing His Glory in you and Marrying your life to His.  It is designed to be spoken aloud, morning and evening, and anytime you desire to be with Him.  It is written for you to make yourself ready and feast at the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb".  I've been writing it and speaking it daily for about 10 years.  I intend to do so the rest of my life.  It is "a work in progress" and becomes purer and more powerful, as I dialogue with the Holy Trinity: Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Our Father daily.  It is helping me meet God Almighty, Face to Face, every day.  It is written and spoken by Faith. I aspire to its Virtue and Lofty Vision.  Daily, I Speak the Dialogue in the morning and throughout the day and evening, for at least one hour, and align my life to it.  It is my Prime Directive for Growing His Glory in me and Totally Uniting with Him.  I encourage you to do likewise.

I share this dialogue freely without cost or obligation to you.  It is His Holy Marriage Proposal to all believers.  I encourage you to embrace Him as your Holy Husband and King of your life.  I encourage you to freely share this dialogue with others.

If you appreciate the dialogue, please write a Positive Comment below the logo.  This site does not allow me access to your e-mail address.  No one will contact you.

The lamppost logo is symbolic of the Lamppost in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, by C. S. Lewis."

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Bree Woodward | Reply 26.01.2020 13.04

It's amazing! I begin to speak the dialogue and feel Jesus within. I am truly born anew through speaking the dialogue. Thank you Brother.

Twila T. | Reply 26.01.2020 03.29

JPTD makes it easy to daily spend hours with God. Thank you very much.

Judith Sparks | Reply 21.12.2019 21.43

The only thing that matters is uniting with the Pure Love of Jesus. JPTD helps me do this. Thank you for writing it.

Malcom Hathaway | Reply 25.11.2019 07.11

I love the word: "Glory/Love". It makes me feel good!

BRUCE A THOMPSON | Reply 05.11.2019 04.48

To attend "Glory Fest" access for details and come and drink in the Glory!

Marie Preston | Reply 15.09.2019 21.21

I have created a community group on Facebook for this message of Jesus Proposal.
I an enjoying the edits and revisions!

Gary Ling | Reply 02.09.2019 04.57

Love it, that you are editing the dialogue!

Mary Jacks | Reply 25.08.2019 11.58

Thank you for removing the block letters. It is now much more easier to read and speak.

Charles Eastman | Reply 15.07.2019 08.54

Thanks brother Bruce. Every believer is called to have a love relationship with
Jesus, and you have given the church another example of how to do it.

Marie Preston | Reply 26.06.2019 07.58

There definitely is a difference when I'm able to Speak the marriage vows as well as hear them!

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26.01 | 13:04

It's amazing! I begin to speak the dialogue and feel Jesus within. I am truly born anew through speaking the dialogue. Thank you Brother.

26.01 | 03:29

JPTD makes it easy to daily spend hours with God. Thank you very much.

21.12 | 21:43

The only thing that matters is uniting with the Pure Love of Jesus. JPTD helps me do this. Thank you for writing it.

25.11 | 07:11

I love the word: "Glory/Love". It makes me feel good!

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